ADT Smart Home

Imagine being able to remotely manage your alarm system as well as other home functions such as switching on your lamps. ADT Smart Home does precisely that with the touch of a button. So whether you need to arm or disarm the alarm system or turn the lights on or off while you are away, ADT Smart Home provides these capabilities from any location.

All that’s needed to use ADT Smart home is an Internet connection and a compatible mobile device—such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Everything is based off of an online portal. Simply login for you to use the mobile app for complete home control. You can be anywhere to engage with your home devices—making life easier and safer for you everyday.

Consider ADT Smart Home as a modern solution for home security. It’s perfect for today’s busy on the go lifestyles. Between having to go to work, school, run errands, etc. there is so much to keep track of at any given time. Your home safety no longer has to be another thing to keep worrying about. ADT Smart Home puts to rest all of the “what if” scenarios while you are gone.

Did I turn the security system on?

Did I forget to turn the lights off?

ADT Smart Home’s remote home automation capabilities give you the freedom to manage your scenarios, despite your own physical location. It’s easy to use and gives you the flexibility to monitor and control your home as you see fit. ADT Smart Home’s home security protection allows you to be at the centre of everything, rather than on the side-lines.

Home Security Protection Starts from the Outside In

ADT Smart Home provides high tech outdoor Wi-Fi cameras and wireless motion detectors, letting you remotely monitor everything outside your home. The equipment’s advanced technology is tolerant to factors such as: wind, animal movement and changes in light. Similar devices from other security providers may be lacking in this technology, causing unwanted false alarms.

ADT Smart Home’s outdoor video surveillance helps you view and record any unwanted or unscheduled movement on your property. You can also keep track of any scheduled deliveries to your home or arrivals to your door.

Need to know what’s going on within your home too? Internal Wi-Fi cameras are also available, which display footage live. Simply set your desired notification settings, so you are alerted of specific types of circumstances.

ADT Smart Home Will Always Stay Online

You don’t have to worry about your alarm system going offline—it will continue to stay connected and secure despite anything impacting your broadband connection or app access. The system comes equipped with a separate back up GPRS connection to keep the alarm system functioning as normal. Your security is our number one priority, making it crucial for us to provide you with continuous 24/7 home monitoring protection.