ADT Frequently Asked Questions

ADT Basics

  • ADT is the nation's #1 security provider and has been in operation for over 140 years.
  • With an ADT home monitoring system, you are three times less likely to be burglarized.
  • Protects your home from burglaries, fires & carbon monoxide leaks.
  • Quickly alerts emergency personnel of your emergency situation, including medical emergencies.
  • Speak directly to an ADT dispatcher via the digital monitoring keypad, which includes a two-way voice intercom.
  • You can remotely stay connected to your home monitoring system & receive email and text notifications.
  • Homeowners can save up to 20% on homeowner's insurance.

There are four different ADT Monitoring packages, each with their own price point.

  • ADT Basic Package | $27.99/mo
  • ADT Basic Wireless | $48.99/mo
  • ADT Pulse | $53.99/mo
  • ADT Pulse + Video | $58.99/mo
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ADT Monitored Home Security takes fast response to potential dangerous very seriously. Six monitoring centers reside across the United States and Canada to ensure that an ADT Monitoring professional quickly attends to your situation. If one center can't be reached, another one will.

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Protection Guarantees and Support

The ADT Guarantee provides customers with four different protections. These are: 1.) Mover's Package Guarantee; 2.) Money-Back Guarantee; 3.) Theft Protection Guarantee; 4.) Homeowner's Insurance Certificate.

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Yes, ADT monitoring security comes with 24/7 customer support online, over the phone and via email.

Inclimate Weather & Non-Landlines

ADT has a nationwide network of monitoring centers that provide coverage even in inclimate weather. Systems also include a 24-hour battery backup.

Yes. ADT offers several packages with CellGuard® technology, allowing customers to receive a wireless home security system.

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Monitoring Equipment & Packages

All ADT packages come with: Digital Touchpad; Keychain Remote; Back-up Battery; Pet-Sensitive Motion Sensors; High-Decibel Siren; Door & Window Sensors; Lawn Signs & Window Stickers.

Currently, ADT Protect Your Home offers four packages:

ADT Basic Package; Cell Uplink; ADT Pulse; ADT Pulse + Video OR Home Control.

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ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse allows you to remotely arm/disarm your alarm, regulate the thermostat and control home appliances. It brings home security right into your fingertips.

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ADT Pulse uses Z-Wave wireless technology to sync home devices into a single unifying network. You can remotely access everything through the ADT Pulse online portal (via your laptop, smartphone or tablet).The online portal serves as the command center of your home. There, you can monitor your home and receive custom notifications and alerts.

Z-Wave is a wireless technology that allows your home appliances (like the thermostat, lights, door locks, etc.) to wirelessly communicate with each other. It transforms an everyday household appliance into a smart device, which can be regulated using your smartphone, tablet or laptop. So regardless of where you are, you can remotely manage your home. Z-Wave technology helps conserve energy costs, since it provides remote access to your home.

Monthly costs for ADT Pulse can range anywhere between $50 and $60. This depends on which level of Pulse (Home or Video) you choose. Call Protect Your Home to get more details about pricing.

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ADT Pulse is available in many locations, but not in certain geographic areas. Please contact a customer service representative for specific geographic inquiries and Pulse package details.

Deals and Promotions

You can get a FREE* home security system (with a $99.99 installation fee and purchase of alarm monitoring services). In addition, new customers will receive a $100 Visa gift card.

General Home Security Questions

Wireless security systems are more reliable, convenient, and do not require intrusive installation procedures such as drilling into your walls. Also, burglars won't be able to cut any wires that can leave your security system inoperable.

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If your home loses power, the battery backup feature that comes with all ADT Monitored Home Security Systems will kick in, providing 24-hours of additional power to your system.

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Since your security system is connected to one of six ADT monitoring centers, a security professional will immediately be notified of your alarm, and will contact you to get more information about the situation on hand.

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ADT Monitored Home Security offers pet-sensitive technology that reduces the likelihood of your pets triggering your alarm. Infrared technology keeps track of pets up to 80 pounds, so you don't have to worry about unneccessary fees.

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Yes, home security systems such as ADT Monitored Home Security monitors against fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide.

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