ADT Monitoring in Liverpool, England

Claiming The Beatles, the Grand National, along with Liverpool and Everton F.C., the city of Liverpool is home to more than 460,000 Britons. Although the city saw a steady population drop for a several decades since the 1930s, a slight climb has started since 2011. With its rich history as a maritime city, Liverpool’s identity sits strong with England as a whole.

If you’re living in Liverpool, have you thought about the safety of your home? While the city doesn’t exactly have a bad reputation for crime, there are still some numbers that are worth pointing out.

A study by revealed twenty of the top neighbourhoods where burglary is most rampant in the U.K. While London claimed an overwhelming share of the list, two areas in Liverpool are also present.

Mossley Hill (L18) and Waterloo (L22) sit at positions six and seven, respectively. 33.3 burglaries were reported per 100,000 people in Mossley Hill, and 32.6 were reported in Waterloo. To compare, the area with the highest incidence of burglary had a rate of 45.2 per 100,000 people.

Secure Your Home in Liverpool with ADT Monitoring

For Liverpool residents looking for a dependable home security solution, ADT Monitored Home Security is waiting to give you the protection that you deserve. Whether you’re at work or on vacation outside of Liverpool or the UK, you want to know that your home safe, and that you’ll be notified in the event of an emergency.

ADT Monitored Home Security has been in the business of protecting residents for more than 100 years, and with new technologies continuously being developed, you’ll know that you’re getting the true definition of home security in Liverpool through ADT.

Security Management You Can Take With You - Anywhere

Life can get busy in Liverpool. You can’t always be home to make sure that no dangers are present. But with ADT Smart Home, everything you depend on regarding your home security system will be right there with you on your Web-connected mobile device.

Learn more about the advantages of making your home in Liverpool an ADT Smart Home, and see how you can add an extra layer of convenience by bringing your home security system with you everywhere you go.

Never Worry About Forgetting

It has happened to everyone at some point or another. You’re out for the day or evening, and all that is running through your mind is wondering whether or not you remembered to set or unset your system. It can be a distracting thought while you are at work or are trying to wind down with friends. With ADT Smart Home, you don’t have to worry about it. From the ADT Smart Home app, you’ll be able to set or unset your system from anywhere you happen to be in Liverpool, North West England, or anywhere in Great Britain.

ADT Monitored Home Security also allows you to easily walk into your home while the system is armed, and you don’t have to remember any key codes. With the simple use of a key fob, you’ll be able to let ADT Monitoring know that it is you, or a trusted family member, who is walking into your home.

Stay In The Know

On top of complete home control, you’ll be able to rest easy while you’re away knowing that you’ll be notified of any activity surrounding your home security system. You can have the option to receive texts or emails when enters or leaves your home.

ADT Monitored Home Security also provides indoor and outdoor cameras for your viewing convenience. Wi-Fi cameras from ADT Home Security also enables you to record up to thirty days of footage, so that in the event of a burglar, you’ll have much needed evidence for Liverpool authorities.

Stop Burglary Before It Happens

ADT Monitored Home Security also provides indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras for your viewing convenience. Wi-Fi cameras from ADT Home Security also enable you to record footage to the cloud, so you can review your activations or recorded imagery.

Make Liverpool Safer Today. Call ADT.

Call ADT in Liverpool today, and receive a professional installation that is simple and non-intrusive. With wireless systems, you don’t have to worry about heavy drilling or a long installation process. The setup is simple and quick, and ADT professionals will be there to answer any questions you might have.

Give your home in Liverpool the protection that is deserved. Call today!