Why does ADT use 6 monitoring centers?

ADT monitoring has over 6 million residential and business customers throughout North America, making it the largest and leading security company. In order to provide services to this large number of customers, ADT monitoring has six strategically placed monitoring centers.

These monitoring centers ensure the continuous overseeing of alarm systems in every ADT monitoring protected home and business. That means that whether it’s a burglary, fire, flood or monoxide leak, your home or company is always being monitored.

The Process

Whenever the alarm is triggered, the nearest monitoring center receives the signal. If for some reason that monitoring center cannot be reached, another one will be contacted—they are all interconnected electronically. So don’t worry, each monitoring center has the ability to receive your alarm signal and be quickly transferred to a highly trained security professional to act swiftly.

The Numbers Matter

You are guaranteed that a monitoring center will be immediately contacted. In fact, these monitoring centers have a combined number of over 7,000 trained security professionals who can take over 20,000 calls. There are over 300 ADT monitoring call centers to handle each incoming alarm signal. In one year, these centers answer to an average of over 19 million alarm signals!

During an Emergency

If you are at home when your alarm goes off, you have the ability to directly communicate with a home security professional via the provided control panel that comes as a part of your home security package— each package features this component. You will be able to describe the situation and either confirm that it’s an actual emergency or that it’s a false alarm.

Depending on what the emergency is, the security professional will quickly contact the proper emergency department in your city or town—be it the police, fire department or emergency medical technicians (EMTs). Responders will be at your home within a matter of minutes. This is to ensure the safety of you, your family and your home. Every second counts during a crisis.

A Security Company that Cares

ADT monitoring provides quality equipment and services, placing your safety at the forefront. Six monitoring centers and the diverse number of monitoring personnel ensures it. It means being protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Regardless of the emergency, ADT monitoring is there for you in a moment’s notice. Have any questions or concerns at any time? A security representative is always here for you.