The Benefits of Having a Smart Home Security System

Published December 5th, 2017 | By

Smart security systems are transforming how homes are both being managed and protected from the inside out. Homeowners and renters alike are able to access and control their security systems within record time— in virtually any physical location. This is something standard systems are unable to provide. These capabilities put homeowners and renters more in control of their home’s security, providing the ultimate piece of mind.

There are several key benefits of having a smart security system, of which complements any home looking to modernize and add unique security features. They are as follows:


  • Additional Security Via Remote Access

Plainly put, remote access allows you to interact with the smart security system without having to physically engage with the control panel. Remote access provides entry to the security system from any location, provided that there is an Internet connection on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

You’ll have to first install your specific system’s mobile app, to access all of the remote security features. So you can be sitting comfortably in your favorite armchair or be all the way across the country, and you can access your security system with the press of your device’s touchscreen or touchpad.


  • Home Automation Abilities

Perhaps of all the advanced features that are included in smart home security systems, home automation is at the top of the list. Home automation lets you automatically (and remotely) do things such as adjust the thermostat, turn on/off the lights, manage appliances as well as lock and unlock doors. Everyday tasks are made easier—and are now hands-free. And since home automation is also managed remotely, you can save money on your energy bills since you have constant control of your household appliances. All you have to do is use your smart security system’s mobile app to gain total access.


  • Remote Video Surveillance

Most smart home security systems provide some combination of indoor and outdoor video cameras. Live video footage can then be viewed remotely on a mobile device at any given time— a great advantage of keeping any home safe. Sometimes having a visual provides more peace of mind than any other form of security protection.


  • Increases a Home’s Desirability

Smart technology is here to stay. Homes everywhere are utilizing smart home features for everyday tasks, so it goes to say that the more advanced a home becomes, the more desirable it gets—regardless of whether that home is being placed on the market or not. The home value simply increases overall. So when you mix advanced smart technology with home security, you are enhancing the demand of the home.


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