Where to place security cameras

Place security cameras up high where they are hard to reach, yet make sure they are visible to intruders who may be discouraged from entering your home upon discover. Also make sure that cameras are placed away from the light, and are covered so that external factors such as precipitation don’t affect the view.

Best locations for installing security cameras

Install your security cameras in the locations where burglars are known for entering the home. This includes: 1) Front Door; 2) Secondary Doors; 3) First Floor Window.

1. Front Door

Would you expect the front door to be one of the top places for intruders to make their entrance? As unlikely as it seems, several sources place front-door entrances above 30% of all burglaries.

What’s even more surprising is the fact that some front door burglaries happen without any forced entry – the resident simply did not lock the door. According to a 2013 report from Journal-News in Butler County, Ohio, 72 out of 234 burglaries – 30% - were done so without any forced entry.

With this in mind, placing a security camera at your front door may prove to be a worthy option. When thinking about strategic placement of cameras, place the camera at a high enough point where an intruder would have a difficult time reaching and/or destroying it.

2. Secondary Doors

When the front door is locked, one could reasonably assume that a secondary door is where the burglar would try next. This could be any other door – back door, garage door, side door.

While it may be overkill to place a camera at every single door you have, it would probably be best to place at the back door.

According to EnlightenMe, 22% of burglaries take place at the back door.

As with the front door, place the camera in a place for clear viewing and out of reach.

first floor

3. First Floor Window

Windows are often seen as weak points in someone’s home, but not necessarily because a burglar can break it. Unlocked windows are a common entry point, as it tends to serve as an afterthought when it comes to securing one’s home.

If you have a large first floor window, having a camera within view would serve as effective surveillance. Placing it indoors, and facing the window, might allow you capture a frontal view of an intruder’s face, rather than just a profile.