ADT Monitored Home Security in London

8.788 million. That is the population of London. Home to more than thirteen percent of all of England, and more than three hundred languages, London is arguably the face for globally representing England as a whole. Being an economic and cultural center for the globe, little is left to wonder why people of all ages give London the chance to call home.

If London has been your city, or you are considering making it your new residence, it’s important to really think about the safety of your neighborhood and your home, as well as solutions you can put in place. Life gets busy in London, and wondering about the safety of your home at all hours of the day is not an ideal way to live life in one of the world’s most vibrant cities. That is why ADT Monitored Home Security is available to residents of London, providing 24 hours of monitoring.

Become an ADT customer in London, and go about your day knowing that ADT Monitoring professionals are ready to take action on your behalf in the event of an emergency.

Burglary Rates in London

With the size of London being what it is, the door is unfortunately open to a noticeable size of burglaries. MoneySuperMarket, a British website that focuses on financial services, recently did a study that looked at the postcodes across the UK with the highest burglary rates. Redbridge (IG4), Whetstone (N20), and Goodmayes (RM6) are the top three most likely spots for a burglary.


Number of observed home insurance quotes.


London's share of the percentage of the top twenty neighbourhoods where burglary happened the most across the entire U.K.


The burglary rate per every 1,000 quotes in Redbridge, London alone.

Protect What’s Yours in London

No matter which area of London you live in, burglary can happen anywhere at anytime. For a small monthly investment, ADT Monitored Home Security can make sure that burglars don’t get too far into your home without quick action from monitoring professionals and local authorities.

Call ADT Home Security today to learn about how customers across London and the UK rely on the ADT Smart Home package to protect what is theirs.

Through the power of the ADT Smart Home package, you’ll be able to leave your home fully secured with the capability of controlling your lights and viewing live footage of your home through Wi-Fi cameras (available with an upgrade).

There’s also little need to worry about whether or not you remembered to set your security alarm before you left your house for the day. With the use of your personal mobile device and the ADT Smart Home App, you can arm or disarm your system from anywhere you happen to be with a reliable Internet connection.

Other features you can expect from ADT Smart Home include:

  • An interactive control panel
  • Two movement detection sensors
  • One door sensor
  • Internal alarm siren
  • ADT Bell Box
  • 24/7 Monitoring from ADT

Keep Your Data Safe in London

Cybersecurity isn’t just an issue in London or the UK. It’s a worldwide issue with threats looming at all hours of the day. Luckily, ADT Home Security takes this into account with your security system, and makes sure that your data is encrypted. Your belongings don’t just mean your furniture or electronics anymore. It’s everything you keep online. With ADT, you’ll know that everything in your name is in good hands.

Other Upgrades Available for London Customers

When you become an ADT customer, you’re never stuck with the initial features that you initially installed. Several upgrades with all kinds of valuable features can be yours as you decide.

If fire protection is on your mind, then ADT Monitoring has the solution. With the smoke detection upgrade, even if you are not around to hear your smoke detector go off, ADT will. In the event of an emergency, ADT contacts both you and the London Fire Brigade in an effort to minimize damage to your home.

Also ask about indoor and outdoor cameras, which provides WiFi-enabled streaming that you can view from anywhere on the ADT Smart Home app.

Make ADT Monitoring Yours in London. Call Today!