ADT Monitored Security in Edinburgh

Serving as the capital of Scotland since the 15th century, Edinburgh is home to more than half a million Scots. The city also remains one of the most popular tourist destinations within the UK, attracting more than one million visitors from across the globe every year.

If you’ve chosen to make a living in Edinburgh, the numbers show that you’ve made a strong choice. After London, Edinburgh has the the most robust and strongest economy in all of the UK, and in fact is the UK’s most competitive job market. 47% of people in Edinburgh hold a degree from university.

While the people of Edinburgh make their living in one of Scotland’s most promising cities, making sure about home safety is something that should not be overlooked. Police in Edinburgh have made recent efforts to crack down on incidents of burglary around the city. The Edinburgh News reported in the June of 2016 that Edinburgh had experienced a crime reduction of 20 per cent over a year’s period.

An article from The Telegraph in 2015 reported that Edinburgh had the highest crime rate in Scotland, with 738 crimes for every 100,000 people. At the time, the national average per 100,000 people was 481.

ADT: The Most Trusted Name in Monitored Home Security

Regardless of what the crime trends are, providing your home with a dependable and effective home security solution is essential in this day and age. While do-it-yourself home security systems have experienced a rise in popularity, monitored home security remains one of the best investments that you can make for your home. Let ADT Monitored Home Security be the solution that you are looking for.

ADT Monitored Home Security has been one of the most recognized and trusted names in home security across the UK and North America for well over a century. With monitoring against risks such as burglary, smoke, fire, and deadly carbon monoxide gases, ADT customers in Edinburgh can feel confident knowing that their home is protected at all hours of the day, whether they are home or away.

Life Gets Busy in Edinburgh. Let ADT Take Away the Stress.

Whether you’re away from your home for the day because of work or are taking a personal day trip, worrying about the safety of your home isn’t what you want to spend your time doing. While you’re deep in a project or just relaxing, rest assured knowing that your ADT Monitored Home Security system is up and running, ready to kick in at moment’s notice.

If a threat is detected, there’s no action that you have to take - ADT monitoring professionals are on their mark and ready to act quickly. No matter if you’re away or at home, ADT Monitoring will contact you to verify the situation on hand, and to see the proper authorities in Edinburgh need to be dispatched to your home.

Home Security and Control with ADT Smart Home

Call ADT Monitoring in Edinburgh today to learn about how you can maintain more control of your home with ADT Smart Home. Through the power of the ADT Smart Home app, you’ll be able to take our home experience anywhere you go in Edinburgh, Scotland, or even the UK.

ADT Monitored Home Security also provides indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras for all customers in Edinburgh. Whenever you need some visual confirmation about what’s happening in your home, such as how your pets are doing, you’ll be able to view via ADT on your laptop or mobile device.

  • Turn your lights on or off
  • Arm and disarm your home security system
  • Receive live updates from the app regarding the status of your home security system
  • Control your home security system from anywhere
  • Handle everything from your smartphone or desktop device

Upgrade Your ADT Package Anytime

Having the right level of home security and features is important to you. When you order ADT Monitoring in Edinburgh, you’ll have the option to start with the baseline package that provides all kinds of essential home security features.

With all ADT Monitoring systems, you’ll get 24/7 security monitoring, the ADT bell box that lets everyone around you know that you are protected, two movement detectors, one door sensor, and an internal siren that will sound in the event of a detected emergency.