How to install your security camera

Depending on which security camera brand and model that you are provided with, the method for installation and setup might vary. However, there are a series of core steps that will likely be applicable to you as you take on settling up your security camera. While ADT Home Security does handle installation of your entire security system for you, you do have the option to install your own equipment if you wish.

What You'll Need

Mounting Screws


Electric Drill


Power Cable



DC/BNC Connector

1. Decide where to place your camera

Knowing where to place your camera is an essential way to start the process. Knowing that burglars prefer to either enter one’s home through a front door, back door, or first floor window, you may want to consider placing your camera (or cameras) in those areas. Consider placing the camera in a corner so that you may achieve maximum coverage of the area.

Consider placing your camera high up enough where a burglar will have a difficult time disabling or sabotaging your equipment. A general rule is at least ten feet, if possible.

2. Install the camera’s mounting hardware

Once you have decided where you want the place your camera, you will have to first place and secure the mounting hardware.

3. Connect your camera to your DVR

Along with the DC input connector, the camera should also have a BNC connection. If you haven’t used BNC connectors before, don’t feel intimidated. These connectors have the same port on both ends with a coupling nut.

One side of the BNC connector will plug into your camera’s output connector, while the other will get plugged into any available port on your DVR. Even though you still need to setup the camera for viewing on your monitor, your camera should be fully connected at this point.

bnc connector