ADT Home Monitoring in Haines City

There are many things you love about Haines City. It could be the community parks, local entertainment, festivals, art and music scene, etc. And it's important for you to go out and enjoy your various interests without having to worry about what's happening back at home. You know that there are plenty of dangers that can happen to your home, whether it's a burglary, fire, flood or carbon monoxide leak. And rather than waiting for a rainy day, where you become the next victim, an ADT home monitored system provides a proactive way to protect your home and loved ones from possible harm.

To put it simply, an ADT home monitoring system for your home can change your life for the better, letting you explore and enjoy all that you love in Haines City. ADT home monitoring is more than just home security, it raises the bar to better living. It's a chance to live your daily life without all the worry and stress.

For over a century, ADT monitoring systems have paved the way in home security. As the #1 home security provider in the country, we know all the vital facts and components that are necessary in keeping our 6+ million home and business customers safe. It's why so many people in Haines City and the rest of the nation count on us for their safety.

Let us monitor and protect your city home and reduce your odds of a burglary and other dangers. This one change provides 24/7 home security protection, protecting everything you love dear.


Choose the Security Package That's Right For you

You have certain home security needs that you are looking for in Haines City. This is why we offer four different monitoring packages for you to choose from. These include the Basic Package ($36.99/mo.), Basic Wireless Package ($48.99/mo.), ADT Pulse ($52.99/mo.), ADT Pulse + Video ($58.99/mo.). Each comes with the following standard security equipment:

  • Wireless Control Panel
  • 3 Wireless Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 Wireless Motion Detector (Pet Immune)
  • 1 Window Decal and Yard Sign
  • Please note that you can get ADT home monitoring even if you don't have a landline. If you only have a cell phone, the Basic Wireless package is an especially great option for you and your household. Looking for wireless security monitoring with remote management, security automation features and/or video? Check out ADT Pulse.


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