Best Prices and Deals for ADT Monitored Home Security Systems from SafeStreets

Find the best deals in your area for a monitored home security system that has the right features to suit your budget. Every package is affordably priced with valuable benefits that come standard with every monitoring plan.

Round the clock security monitoring

ADT monitors your security system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter whether you’re sleeping, you’re away from home, or your family members are there and you want rapid deployment for any and all emergencies.

Easy to use security equipment

The ADT monitored home security equipment from SafeStreets is highly complex in feature-rich capabilities, yet is simple enough in design that any member of your household can use it without extensive instruction.

Visible protection

Some of the greatest deterrents to a potential burglar are the signs and stickers that show your home is under the protection of ADT monitoring. Thieves often choose to avoid homes that are secure in favor of houses showing no sign of a security system.

Peace of mind

With ADT monitoring, you can rest assured that your home is always under the watchful eye of the professional security teams at ADT's Monitoring Centers.

Save Money through Special Offers from SafeStreets

Take advantage of exclusive specials that will help you save money on these home security costs:

Same-Day Installation^

Order ADT monitoring from SafeStreets, and you may qualify for next-day installation in your home!