What Happens If My Pets Triggers My Security Alarm?

Did you know that between 94-99 percent of all alarm-related police calls are due to false alarms? And homeowners today can potentially face false alarm fines for repeated instances (typically up to $35 per offense)—since it’s a drain on police resources. It may not be a large fine, but it’s still an avoidable waste of time and money. When it comes to helping prevent false alarms, ADT monitoring systems have all of your family members in mind, including your pets.

As stated, most false alarms are completely preventable; this is why we provide several types of pet-immune motion detectors to help ensure that your pet—regardless of its size, won’t trigger the alarm system. To reduce the likelihood of a false alarm, one of our motion detectors is great for pets that weigh up to 40lbs; the other for pets that weigh up to 80lbs. Four-legged family members come in all sizes, so simply select which one that you’ll need for your home.

Once you’ve had your free consultation and select the right monitoring package for your home, our ADT professional installers will come out and place the appropriate motion detector for your pet’s size. They will also strategically place it in the best location for foot traffic (such as hallways or stairs)—this is one important reason for opting to have a security system that offers professional installation while you are comparing security systems from other providers. Do-it-yourself (DIY) systems may not allow you to use your equipment to its fullest capacity—making your home vulnerable to things such as home invasions. ADT home monitoring provides both the best equipment and the best services. It’s about keeping your home safe while not complicating it at the same time.

You may be asking: “how do ADT home monitoring’s motion detectors work and why are they such a vital part to any home monitoring system”? You should first know that while you are away and your alarm is armed, our motion detectors are able to distinguish the difference between a human and a pet. These detectors use infrared emissions to identify the difference. Our motion detectors read infrared energy, body heat and body mass, along with movement patterns. Having this allows us to effectively monitor what happens within your home without an issue or concern. And your pet can move freely without having to be confined while your system is armed. Peace of mind goes a long ways and our motion detectors are one key element to providing that to you.