Do I Need A Landline for Home Security?

To have an ADT monitoring system, you don’t have to have a landline, although it is an option. Landline security systems do exactly as they sound—use a landline connection to function. But how do they operate exactly? Anytime the alarm system is activated, it directly uses your house telephone line to notify one of several ADT monitoring centers, all of which operate 24/7. If this were to happen while you are using the house line on a call, the security system will take over the line. Once the monitoring center is alerted of the triggered alarm, the home line becomes available once again for incoming and outgoing calls.

This process ensures that: 1) the alarm system does what it’s meant to do— quickly notify the monitoring center of a potential emergency situation (which they then alert local emergency personnel) and 2) afterwards allow you to use your phone once the monitoring center is reached. The period of time that the house line is used by the security system is brief, since it’s essentially performed immediately.

There is one ADT monitoring system that operates using a landline—the Basic Package. Although it is named “basic,” it is anything but that in functionality. It provides exceptional 24/7 home monitoring with 2-Way Voice. What 2-Way Voice does is allows you to directly communicate with an ADT monitoring center via a built in microphone and receiver on the provided alarm control panel. This hand-free communication feature is great to have anytime you press the alarm panic button. Having direct access to an ADT representative alleviates the feeling that you are alone in any emergency situation. You’ll know that your personal safety and that of your family is in great hands. Be reassured that we are quickly alerting the police or fire department—depending on which the situation it calls for. This feature is also useful for those living alone, the elderly or disabled.

You’ll notice that there are several other ADT monitoring packages. These operate wirelessly, so they are great options for households that either have a landline, who want a wireless connection or households that don’t have a landline and only use cellphones. If you have a VoiP or a digital phone, our wireless packages work with those too. In order to ensure a continuous and safe wireless connection, our wireless packages use CellGuard® technology to connect to an ADT monitoring center—even if you have a landline but prefer one of our wireless options.

When debating whether or not you want our landline-based package, keep in mind that you must have a landline AND even if you have a landline, you can still select a wireless monitoring package. It’s just about deciding what’s right for your individual home monitoring needs.