What Happens if I Lose Power?

Your power can go out for any number of reasons, cutting short a range of everyday activities (such as cooking, doing laundry, watching TV, browsing the Internet, reading—all sorts of things). You can even be in the dark for hours. It could be that there’s a short fuse, another type of home electrical issue, a problem with an electrical power box or that there’s bad weather outside.

While you might be without electricity for an inconvenient length of time, you don’t have to worry about your ADT monitoring system. It will still work like normal. This allows your home to continue having protection from potential dangers such as: break-ins, fires, floods and carbon monoxide leaks. Vulnerability is not something for you to worry about while you are awaiting your power to come back on. We make sure of it.

Why do ADT home monitoring systems still work when the power goes out?

Our home monitoring systems come equipped with a 24-hour backup battery, letting it work as usual for that period—allowing your power to come back on in the meantime. To function, you will have to keep the backup battery charged in order for it to work correctly; however, if the battery is ever low at any point, you’ll be alerted and you can then charge it without any issue.

If you ever need to replace your backup battery, you can either 1) Install a new battery yourself (we’ll send you a replacement battery via mail and instructions are available online) or 2) you can call us and we’ll have one of our professional security representatives come out and replace the battery themselves. Either option is hassle-free; you’ll just want to make sure your backup battery is working properly so that it maintains your system if and when the power goes out.