Does ADT Have Fire Protection?

Many emergencies can happen within your home, but one of the leading types is a house fire (which oftentimes starts in the kitchen—grease fires are one of the most dangerous). With that said, you must be prepared. It could make the difference between life and death; every second counts. ADT home monitoring does provide fire protection with our high-tech smoke and heat detectors.

Having a detector is an essential home security feature since according to the National Fire Association, there are hundreds of thousands structural fires each year in the U.S. In 2015 alone, there was a reported 2,685 deaths, over 10,000 injuries and $10.3 billion in damages. In fact, there’s a home fire every three minutes! Many of these could have been prevented with the right resources. The first line of protecting your home and family is with a smoke and heat detector, which ADT monitoring provides. These detect the first signs of smoke and heat, alerting you and giving you enough time to react.

What Happens if Smoke or Heat is Detected?

If heat or a smoke is detected, the alarm will go off. From there, an ADT monitoring professional (from one of six monitoring centers that are strategically located throughout the country) will be contacted and they can then alert your local fire department. If the event happens while you are home, you have the ability to directly communicate with the ADT monitoring professional via the security system’s control panel.

The direct communication feature allows you to describe the situation and either tell them that everything is under control (and doesn’t require the fire department to come out) or you can inform the ADT monitoring professional that there is in fact an emergency situation occurring. The direct communication feature minimizes the likelihood of a false alarm from happening—saving the time and resources of your local fire department, police and emergency medical technicians (EMT). ADT monitoring’s smoke and heat detectors operate 24/7 for your continuous home safety.

Our goal is to prevent any injury and physical damage to you, your family and your home, but keep in mind that it’s up to you to maintain your detector in order for it to function properly. To help maintain your heat and smoke detector, it’s recommended that you test the batteries every month and change them once a year. Try to also keep the detectors free from dust.

How do I Get an ADT Monitoring Smoke and Heat Detector Installed?

When a trained ADT monitoring installer comes to your property, a smoke and heat detector will be installed in key areas throughout your home. They will be installed with the rest of your home monitoring system. Before this happens, you will first have to call us and get a free monitoring system quote. On the phone, you can discuss which monitoring package you’d like and other amenities that you’d like to receive with your alarm system.