What Happens If My Alarm System Goes Off?

Alarm systems go off for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a false alarm, an intruder, fire, flood, etc. Anytime the alarm does go off, one of our monitoring centers is contacted. To be exact, ADT monitoring has six monitoring centers throughout the country to ensure the continuous monitoring of our residential and business customers. Your personal safety, that of your family and your home are monitored 24/7.

Whenever the alarm system is triggered, it’s good to know what to expect and understand our process in dealing with the situation. Once the alarm signal is sent, an ADT monitoring professional will then act quickly to notify your local emergency personnel—whether it’s the police, fire department or paramedics. All ADT monitored security systems come equipped with a control panel that features direct communication with ADT representatives.

Communicating Directly with ADT

ADT allows you to communicate directly with an ADT monitoring professional through your control panel while at home. You’ll first have to provide the correct password on the control panel. If the wrong password is given (for example, by an intruder), the ADT monitoring professional will contact the police.

The direct communication feature acts nearly immediately—within seconds, letting you speak with an ADT monitoring professional and tell them first-hand of your current situation. The ADT monitoring professional can give you specific information on what could have triggered the alarm, such as inform you of which door or window sensor was triggered, along with whether the motion sensor was activated.

If something is actually occurring, it’s also reassuring to know that a security professional is on the line and can tell you that the proper emergency personnel have been contacted. It saves you the time of having to call 9-11, although that’s still an option. Just know that we are doing whatever we can to provide you with security—quickly. The direct communication feature is a crucial component to keeping you safe, while you are home and have the alarm system activated (especially at night).

In the Event of a False Alarm

False alarms can happen from time-to-time. In the event of a false alarm and you are home, you can quickly turn off the alarm by providing the correct password on the control panel. This will prevent the police from being dispatched to your property. If the alarm to go off due to a false alarm while you are away, the police will come out. An ADT monitoring professional will call you, notifying you that the alarm has gone off. To turn off the alarm remotely over the phone, you’ll have to give the ADT monitoring professional the correct answers to the security questions that you’ve specified when the alarm system was first setup. Just be aware that repeated false alarms might cause you to be fined, since it uses the time and resources of the dispatched emergency personnel.