FAQ- How Much Does ADT Monitoring Cost?

ADT home monitoring systems come in four affordable packages: The ADT Basic Package, ADT Basic Wireless, ADT Pulse® and ADT Pulse + Video. Learn about the features associated with each ADT Package:

1) ADT Basic Package

The Basic Package is ADT Monitored Security's starting package; however, don’t be mislead by its name. It provides exceptional 24/7 monitoring with a landline connection. So this is perfect for homes that either don’t have a cellphone or don’t want a wireless home security system. To have this package installed, it costs $99 for a professional to come out and have everything properly connected and ready to go.

2) ADT Basic Wireless Package

The Basic Wireless Package also provides 24/7 monitoring). It provides everything that the Basic Package does, except it’s wireless. This is a perfect option for households who don’t have a landline or don’t want to use their landline for their home security system. We know that it’s crucial to have a safe and continuous means of protecting your home; this is why ADT Monitored Security's wireless security packages feature CellGuard® technology.

3) ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse provides wireless remote home monitoring and control. So anywhere you go, you are in control of your security system. To access everything, you can manage ADT Pulse with the online web portal. You then download the ADT Pulse App, which gives you inside access to your home monitoring system. Oversee things such as your lights, thermostats, appliances and more with the press of a button (using your smartphone, tablet or computer).

4) ADT Pulse + Video

What differentiates ADT Pulse + Video from ADT Pulse is its remote monitoring feature. So not only does it provide remote home monitoring and control from anywhere, its video component lets you SEE what’s happening at home. You can set customized video setting to alert you whenever someone arrives. For example, when a delivery is being made, when there’s an unannounced visitor or when your child arrives from school.

To find out which monitoring package is right for you, you’ll first have to assess whether you want a hardwired (landline connected) or wireless security system. And if you are interested in one of the ADT Pulse options, you’ll have to analyze whether you want the remote video feature or not. Regardless of which of these four packages you choose, you can’t go wrong—each are great and provide 24/7 home monitoring.