Dallas: Protect Yourself with ADT Home Security

For more than 140 years, ADT Home Security has worked to provide the best in security solutions for residents not only in Dallas, but all across the United States and Canada. Working with the lately in security technology and employing top-tier security professionals, it is no wonder why more than six million people have turned to ADT to protect their homes and families.

Bringing ADT into your Dallas home is as simple as calling or filling the webform. ADT Home Security professionals will be happy to work with you in determining the best solution for your budget and your lifestyle in Dallas.

Which ADT Security Package Is Right For You?

ADT offers Dallas customers with several security packages that come with security solutions for both inside and outside of the home. If you're not too sure about what level of security you're looking for in Dallas, take some time to learn about what sets each package apart.

ADT Basic Package

The ADT Basic Package comes with all of the essentials of what allows for 24/7 security monitoring of your home. This includes a wireless control panel, three wireless door/window sensors, a wireless pet-sensitive motion detector, and ADT-branded window decals and yard signs.

One important item of note about the ADT Basic Package is that a landline in your Dallas is required for installation. If you do not have a landline, you will have to look into other ADT packages for installation. With other options available, this should be no issue in allowing you to provide your home with ADT monitoring.

ADT Basic Wireless

ADT Basic Wireless is similar to the ADT Basic Package, but what sets it apart is that it does not require a landline for installation. Through CellGuard® technology, your home security system will be 100% wireless. This takes away the need for any additional drilling in your home.

You'll get all of the features previously listed in the Basic Package, along with a key fob that allows you to arm or disarm your home from several dozen feet away outside of your home.