Simple Ways to Boost Your Home Protection

Published January 19th, 2018 | By

Having a home security system certainly helps protect your home from things such as burglaries, fires and carbon monoxide leaks, but there is plenty you can do too to help enhance your home protection. These simple tips can make all the difference—protecting both your family and your home.

So what can you do? Try these out. Keep in mind that some tips may seem obvious, but they’ll go a long ways.


Lock Your Doors

Doors are the entryway into your home, so naturally a home intruder will first check to see if they are unlocked. An unlock door will prevent them from having to forcibly enter, which will increase the likelihood that they’ll be noticed by a passersby.

For recent homebuyers, you should strongly consider changing all your locks. You don’t know how many spare keys are floating around and who’ve they’ve been given out to. New locks ensure that only you and your family are the only ones with access into your new home.


Use Outdoor Lights

A well-lit house does wonders to deter potential burglars. Oftentimes, they’ll seek to enter through entryways—windows and doors that aren’t lit by outdoor lights since it makes it easier to go unnoticed. It’s the same general thing as parking your car under a streetlight, rather than a dark parking lot.

Invest in outdoor home lights that light up with motion. This way, you’ll not only ensure your home is well lit when it matters, but you’ll also be saving costs on energy.


Always Arm Your Alarm Security System While You are Gone or Asleep

Homes with a home security system are less likely to be burglarized. If you’ve invested in a home security system, you’ve taken the first step of really protecting your home from burglaries. But keep in mind that the system cannot operate and do what it needs to do unless it’s armed. Sure window and door sensors will chime every time that they are opened, but to have the alarm system fully operational, you have to arm it so that emergency personnel can be reached in the event that they need to arrive at your home. Do this every time you leave the house and before you retire for the night each evening.


Keep Your Smoke Detector Batteries Current

We all hate the constant chime that happens (usually in the middle of the night it seems) from a smoke detector with low batteries. Most people don’t monitor how long it’s been since they were last changed, but they cannot work properly if they aren’t able to function. A good rule of thumb is to always replace the batteries every year as well as occasionally press the test button to ensure that all is well.



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