Simple measures you can take outside to protect the inside of your home

Published February 5th, 2015 | By

While the focus in home security tends to circulate around the protection of the inside of you home, there are plenty of ways that you as a resident can optimize the outside of your home to provide extra security.

Your home is everything to you, and the outside is the beginning point for an intruder thinking of making their way inside. These are just some of the things that you can do to help boost your security along with your ADT Home Security system.

1. Defensive plants and shrubbery

If you’ve ever gone for a hike in the woods, you have surely seen some plants that you know for certain that you would want to go nowhere near in fear of getting some cuts. Sure, the natural vegetation may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but there are other species of plants disguised as attractive landscaping that deliver painful pricks and cuts.

Whether they are catcus, trees, berry-bearing plants, there are plenty of options thorned vegetation that provide good looks as well as effective defense.



Native to South America, bougainvillea plants come in close to twenty varieties. Their colorful array offers plenty of attraction, but when you get up close, you’ll see that these plants are heavily thorned. Other than thorns, it’s important to know that the sap of bougainvilleas are toxic to humans, causing skin rashes. Any intruder who thinks these plants are there to provide cover will be in for a very rude surprise.



Pyracantha is the genus of a shrubberies that features white flowers with a range of colorful (non-edible) berries and a high concentration of thorns. Also known as the firethorn, Pyracantha plants can reach up to twenty feet.


As most might know, cactus of thousands of varies feature signature thorns. While most would believe that cactus need heat to survive, they can thrive well in colder climates as well. Place them against your home, and intruders are less likely to target what’s inside of your home.

Rose Bushes

Roses transform any yard into one with big flowers, rich in color. They are as attractive in beauty as they are painful to touch with all of their thorns along their long stems. Place these plants under a window, and the thorns will work as a great deterrent to anyone wanting to climb inside.

There are plenty of other plants that you can employ for your home, and some more information can be found here .

2. The Power of Lights


If you are on top of the security of your home, you know about the value of timing your lights to turn on at night while you are away indoors. Why not apply that same principle to the outside of your home?

Let’s relate this to the protection of your own vehicle. An effective tactic that drivers use at night is parking their car until heavy street lights where intruders will have a hard time staying in the dark.

You may have a porch light up and running during the night, but how about the rest of your home? Consider placing a lighting system that covers all sides and corners of your home at night, illuminating the surrounding area enough where visibility is enough for you and your neighbors.

With ADT Pulse security automation, you’ll be able to control what lights are on and off from anywhere you are. This will be an invaluable tool for when you are away for an extended period of time

If you haven’t started a Neighborhood Watch program, consider doing so for the safety of your entire community.

3. Put those yard signs to work

If you already have an ADT home security system at work and haven’t employed the yard signs and window decals, consider their effectiveness. According to several studies discussed, yard signs exhibiting that your home is protected by a security system has served as a large deterrent against intruders.



This doesn’t mean that an intruder won’t attempt at all, but if faced with one home that has a sign and one that doesn’t, it is reasonable to believe that the intruder will go for the home that appears to have no protection at all.

There are homeowners who think they can beat the system and skip out on home security, but still have a yard sign in front of their home with nothing else. It surely sounds like a reasonable idea, but the gimmick has been catching on.

If you’re going to place the yard signs out, it is best to have a security system in place to back up your claim as well. You’ll come out winning in the end.

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