In the News: ADT Warns Homeowners About Security Scammers

Published June 9th, 2015 | By

Miami, FL—ADT is warning homeowners about companies that are scamming consumers throughout the United States, according to Florida’s Local 10 News.

An ADT representative said the scammers tell homeowners that ADT is “going out of business” and their company is taking over or “I am here to upgrade your equipment.”

ADT lawn sign

Remember: an ADT representative will show up at your house only if you have specifically scheduled an appointment.

In a recent case, a Miami couple said someone called them last month claiming to work for ADT, and said they wanted to install a new alarm system and promised to save the couple money on their monthly bill.

“They were going to give us a free update to our equipment,” Elizabeth Brawn said.

The couple said they became suspicious after they were asked a series of odd questions.

“They said, ‘Tell me what kind of equipment you have in your house,’ and my husband said, ‘If you’re from ADT you should know all this,'” Brawn said.

Brawn declined the upgrade, but received three more persistent calls followed by a mysterious man showing up on her doorstep the next day.

“I knew then something wasn’t right,” Brawn said. “He didn’t have any equipment with him. He just had a clipboard with a name and address on it.”

Brawn didn’t let the man inside.

“Last year, ADT launched several progressive tactics to combat competitor fraud, including a reward program. The result was significant national awareness about home security swindlers who prey on unsuspecting consumers,” said ADT general counsel David Bleisch. “By fine-tuning the program this year, we can now offer the reward to a wider audience to help stop the fraud plaguing our industry.”

Until Aug. 31, ADT‘s reward program offers up to $5,000 for “lawfully obtained information showing how alarm companies are training employees to engage in deceptive sales practices.”

ADT has filed numerous lawsuits against companies that have allegedly made false or misleading statements while selling home alarm services.

Last year, ADT received a $2 million settlement from a Tennessee company.

How to Secure Your Home This Winter

Published November 19th, 2014 | By

It’s only November, but arctic temperatures are already gripping much of the nation. It’s during this time of year—when evenings are darker earlier, many need money for the holidays, and houses are left empty during vacations—that home break-ins also have a tendency to peak.


When unpredictable winter weather strikes and energetic children are forced inside, insurance claims rise as well. With so many facets to consider, where should your family start? winter home


For a fully secure home, inside and out, consider these winter weather tips from Choose Home Security:


Safeguarding against burglary


Most burglars are looking for an easy target, an easy entrance, and an easy exit. When no one is home, it’s dark, and the house is lacking a security system, little remains in the way. What can you do?


Secure your home: If your home  is not protected by a security system, consider getting one installed. This remains your best protection against break-ins. ADT is the country’s leading home security provider, and Choose Home Security offers some of the lowest rates on the market.


Lock doors and windows: It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many homes are broken in through unlocked doors and windows. Before leaving for the holidays, check each carefully.


Don’t hide your keys: Concealing keys outside the home is never safe—burglars know where to look! Instead, give a spare key to a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor. Ask them to occasionally check on your home while you’re away.


Consider a safe: If you have particularly important or expensive possessions, consider investing in a high-quality safe to be well hidden within your home.


Use a few timers: Instead of leaving one light on for the entirety of your trip, invest in timers that can be synced to various lights in your house. Schedule them to turn on and off at reasonable hours of the day and night.


Shed some light: Burglars work best in darkness, so make use of security lighting by installing bulbs that strategically shine outside entranceways and hallways.


Preventing weather damage


Rain, ice, snow, and wind can all be equally harmful on a house. Here are key ways to protect yours as the temperatures drop.


Avoid frost: Though turning your heat off saves money, it’s important that you leave your heat on low even when you head out of town so as not to return home to frozen—or busted—pipes.


winter doorknob

Check the roof: As wind, rain, and snow amps up, so does the opportunity for damaged tiles to go flying. Before the end of the year, scan your roof for loose ones, or have a professional take a look for you.


Clear the drains: Get rid of leaves, twigs, and other debris in your gutters. Combined with snow and ice, this can cause trouble.


Do a clean sweep of the garden: Do you have loose items like patio furniture, pots, or tools laying outside? In a storm, these could be tossed around, break, and/or damage your property.


Service the boiler: Having your boiler serviced annually prevents problems in the middle of harsh conditions.


Ensuring safety from within


If you have children, they’ll be coming inside earlier as winter approaches. With all of that energy, accidents are bound to happen, but here are a few ways to ward them off.


Clear clutter: Whether your children are younger or older, consider finding a safe, lockable place to store DVD players, game units, and any other devices you’d prefer not to have laying around.


Secure cables: Electronic cords and rambunctious children can be a disaster in the making. Protect everyone in your home, and your devices, by securing any cables left out in the open.


Reign in the games: This is true for Wii in particular: If your children are preparing to play a game, make sure a cleared, designated space is available without breakable objects nearby.


Regroup: If your children love to be outdoors but can’t, consider researching afterschool clubs or activities where they can burn off some energy and meet new friends along the way.


For protection this winter, first start with the basics. Call today to learn more about Choose Home Security’s packages from ADT.






Halloween Safety Tips for Homeowners & Trick-or-Treaters

Published October 6th, 2014 | By

Halloween is one of the most exalted and anticipated nights of the year for children and adults alike, but it also necessitates a trick or treatersgreat deal of caution for parents and homeowners who must consider the safety of costumes, candy, strangers at their door, and drivers whizzing by their kids.


It’s no coincidence that October is also Crime Prevention Month, recognized since 1984 as a time to promote and celebrate the important issues involved in creating safer, more caring communities.


Every year, only 1/3 of parents talk to their children about Halloween, although 3/4 report having Halloween safety fears, according to Safe Kids Worldwide. Make this Halloween a fright-free yet still festive one for your children, your home, and you with these simple tips:


Tips for your home

  • To keep your residence safe for other trick-or-treaters, remove garden hoses, toys, bikes, lawn decorations, and anything
    else a child could trip over from your front porch and lawn
  • Keep outdoor lights on and replace burned-out bulbs
  • Sweep wet leaves away from your sidewalk
  • If you have active, rambunctious pets, restrain them so they can’t get near trick-or-treaters
  • Ask your Neighborhood Watch group to keep watch over the community that night
  • Be on alert yourself and report any suspicious activity to the police


Tips for parents and trick-or-treaters

  • Watch for children in the street and on medians when driving
  • Keep lit pumpkins away from where children will be walking
  • Establish a curfew for your children
  • Lock all doors and arm your security system when and if you leave your house
  • Trick-or-treat only at well-lit houses; remain on porches rather than entering houses; and stay in familiar neighborhoods
  • Older children should travel in groups, and younger children should always be accompanied by a trusted adult
  • Carry a cell phone for emergencies
  • Remind your children not to eat their treats until they get home and you can inspect them
  • Don’t run, walk, and obey all traffic signals carefully
  • Make sure your children’s costumes don’t drag on the ground and masks don’t obstruct their vision


halloween house


Read more trick-or-treating tips from the National Crime Prevention Council.


Interested in long-term crime prevention? Call today to learn more about Choose Home Security’s security system packages from ADT.


The 5 Best Times to Invest in a Home Security System

Published September 23rd, 2014 | By

There are endless benefits to a monitored home security system, but little is written about what propels homeowners to purchase one. Do most people invest in a security system as soon as they invest in a home, or does it a major life event to encourage them to do their research? There is no one answer.


Thanks to affordability, quick installation, and a multitude of user options (including mobile accessibility), homeowners are finding more and more reasons to invest in home security today. Here are five of the top reasons you may be ready too:


1. You moved

You’ve just happily purchased, or rented, a new home. Everything you own is in a truck, on a sidewalk, being moved slowly into your new place. Everyone can see what’s yours and what’s valuable, and that you’re new to the neighborhood. Though it often seems unthinkable, many burglaries and break-ins are perpetrated by those living in close proximity to us.


If you’re new to a house and a neighborhood, it always pays to stay on the offensive. A monitored home security system will protect you, your loved ones, and your belongings, and leave you with a sense of safety and peace of mind in your new place.


Parents-with-baby-and-mother-with-cell-phone-897918042. You’re getting married, having a baby, or both!

More people equals more stuff to protect. But while homeowners want to protect their valuables, nothing is more valuable than loved ones. Many people contact us specifically because they want to protect not their belongings, but their family. This is especially true of newly married couples as well as new parents, who feel a heightened sense of responsibility and concern. With new ADT Pulse, spouses and parents are happy to check in on their home and one another on the go—with mobile video surveillance footage, security alerts, and more. And all of our monitored home security systems can come with smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, too.


3. You’re going on vacation—or know you’ll be traveling frequently

Homes broken into while the homeowner is on vacation is not a new occurrence. But with the rise in vacation-oriented social media posts—pictures from faraway places, tagged locations, and states updates declaring your departure from town—it’s becoming more frequent and easy than ever.


Most burglaries occur when no one is at home. Whether you’re preparing for an extended vacation or know you’ll be away from home often, the wisest solution is to guard your property. That way, next time you head out the door with a suitcase in hand, it’ll be with peace of mind too.


4. You just invested in pricey home equipment

People know when you invest in a new home equipment. Whether they see you unloading that enormous television or expensive sound system, find the boxes out by the sidewalk, or see it through your windows, it’s there—and it’s obvious. Expensive home equipment lures any burglar. Invest in what you love and enjoy it, but protect it too with Choose Home Security‘s affordable ADT monitoring options.

ADT lawn sign


5. You know home security doesn’t necessitate a reason

The truth is, there isn’t a “right” time to invest in home security. Many homeowners don’t even consider the option until they’ve had the unfortunate experience of a burglary. Why wait or risk it? Invest in a home security system before you need it, and you’ll never again feel the uncertainty that comes with living in a home but not knowing for certain that it—and your family—are protected.


To find out how you can take your home security to the next level with ADT Pulse, call Choose Home Security today!



ADT Partners with IFTTT to Make Smart Homes Smarter

Published August 19th, 2014 | By
IFTTT phone

IFTTT, “if this then that,” will help you create powerful management and security connections within your home.

ADT, a leading home security and automation provider, today announced a new relationship with IFTTT, a service that enables consumers to create powerful connections with one simple statement — if this then that. ADT and IFTTT are planning to test a beta version of an ADT Pulse® Channel on IFTTT, connecting a customer’s ADT Pulse-enabled home with more than 100 existing Channel partners. Whether it’s adjusting the thermostat to react to local weather conditions, or arming the security system based on users’ GPS data, an ADT Pulse® Channel on IFTTT could enable users to put many aspects of their home on auto-pilot.


ADT has developed a number of working proof of concepts, and “Recipes” offered could include:

  • If a wearable changes from “sleep” to “awake,” then disarm the ADT Pulse® security system.
  • If phone alarm goes off at 6:45 a.m., then turn on the ADT Pulse-connected coffee machine.
  • If Life360® family members are away from home, then lock ADT Pulse-connected doors and arm ADT Pulse security system “away.”
  • If the temperature outside is above 85 degrees, then change an ADT Pulse-connected thermostat to 70 degrees.
  • If a user texts “DogDoor”, then unlock the ADT Pulse-connected back door.
  • If the doorbell rings, then send me an ADT Pulse real-time video clip of the front door.
  • If the sun sets, then turn on ADT Pulse-connected outdoor lights.


ADT has more than 850,000 Pulse customers who enjoy the benefits of secure, smart home technology, and we continue to pioneer efforts that advance the market and provide the best home automation experience to our customers,” said ADT Chief Innovation Officer Arthur Orduña. “Together, ADT and IFTTT can provide homeowners an integrated smart home experience with a single app: ADT Pulse®. Through this relationship, we’re able to unlock all of the exciting possibilities of home automation by creating a bridge between a customer’s home and some of the world’s most popular content, services, and devices.”


ADT intends to ultimately open an ADT Pulse Channel to the public, offering consumers the ability to build their own unique ADT Pulse Recipes on IFTTT, or leverage pre-configured Recipes built by ADT and the IFTTT Community. The Recipes will react to user preferences and activate controllable devices in the home such as door locks, thermostats, lights, cameras, appliances, and the security system.


“We’re delighted to welcome ADT to the IFTTT Channel Platform and are excited about the innovative use cases we’re building together,” said Linden Tibbets, IFTTT Chief Executive Officer. “When launched, an ADT Pulse Channel on IFTTT would enable personalized and intuitive experiences for ADT customers, bringing homes to life.”


To find out how you can take your home security to the next level with ADT Pulse, call a Choose Home Security representative today.



In the News: Home Security Video Surveillance Catches Thief in Act

Published August 1st, 2014 | By

An Indianapolis man is in custody after he was caught stealing a FedEx package from a homeowner‘s porch just days ago.


front porch

The view from a front porch home surveillance camera.

Homeowner Daniel Dillon said the thief stole a pair of $300 diamond earrings that had been delivered to his home, according to RTV6 in Indianapolis.


“(The driver) shows up, drops the package inside the door just like he’s supposed to,” Dillon said.


But when FedEx reported the package as delivered and the Dillons failed to find it, they went through their security camera footage. Just two minutes after the FedEx truck left, the video showed, a red car pulls up, and a man gets out and approaches the porch. Dillon’s family is in the backyard the entire time this is taking place. After attempting to cover his face, the thief grabs the package and drives away.


Putting an end to petty theft


Think of all that you order online—how expensive some of it can be; how rare, even, and important.


Instead of being forced to lose their package to fate, the Dillons caught their thief in crystal-clear video. Police were able to quickly identify him as Brandon Nelms, and he was taken into custody soon after.


“He’s been known in the past to be involved in burglaries, thefts and other criminal activity,” IMPD Det. Larry Craciunoiu said. “It was extremely high-quality video. The cameras were positioned perfectly to capture the image of him arriving and leaving which led to being able to identify the suspect as well as the suspect vehicle.”


Helping more than just the homeowner


When the Dillon discovered proof of theft, he posted the video on Facebook. In less than 24 hours, it was seen and shared by thousands of viewers.


“People on the Internet love stupidity and this guy is as stupid as they come. There are five cameras on the front of my house and he didn’t pay any attention,” Dillon said. “He’s not going to be able to do this to anyone else, which is one of the main reasons we did this.” 



Have you had items stolen from your front porch? It’s more common ADT Pulsethan you might think.


Video surveillance is an added layer of home security meant to put a stop to home intrusions big and small. To learn more about Choose Home Security‘s video surveillance options—including mobile video surveillance with ADT Pulse—call today.




ADT Releases ADT Pulse® Voice, The First and Only Voice-Controlled Smart Home Security App

Published July 9th, 2014 | By

ADT today announced availability of ADT Pulse® Voice, a new app that combines the ADT features customers know and love with the security and convenience of personal voice commands. ADT Pulse Voice technology is the first of its kind in the smart home space, enabling homeowners to log in and log out of the Pulse Voice app via custom technology that recognizes unique voice signatures. Once logged in, users can arm and disarm their Pulse security panel, control ADT pulse voicetheir home’s lighting, adjust thermostats, lock and unlock doors, and check the overall status of their home – all verbally and virtually touchless through an iOS or Android smart phone. It’s a new frontier in the world of smart home technology, and it’s brought to consumers first by ADT.

 recognizes consumers’ increasing need for easy-to-use technologies that can adapt to the pace of today’s lifestyles. From long hours at the office to keeping up with the kids or checking in on pets, it’s safe to say that despite today’s hectic lifestyles, families still want to stay connected. Now, there is no need to break away from a task at hand to manually control smart home features; instead, a homeowner’s voice can trigger ADT Pulse functions by recognizing select key words, device names and phrases to perform. In addition to accepting personal voice commands, the ADT Pulse Voice app provides auditory feedback to confirm actions and system status for all of its connected devices.


“It’s all about providing the best possible user experiences for our customers,” said Arthur Orduña, senior vice president and chief innovation officer for ADT. “As more people use voice commands to interact with their smart phones and other devices, it’s critical for us to securely extend the convenience and accessibility of ADT Pulse through voice input. The launch of ADT Pulse Voice is another example of how ADT is using innovative technology to ultimately improve the user experience for customers and meet their individual needs in a way that complements their digital world.”


With protection as ADT’s foremost priority, the ADT Pulse Voice app leverages a multi-layered identification process allowing only registered members of a household to log in. Through voice commands, a user is approved by three personal checkpoints: a secret phrase, state-of-the-art voice recognition, and confirmed identification of a mobile device. ADT’s identification technology is a critical safety measure as it ultimately allows only verified users to gain access to the ADT Pulse Voice app in the event their mobile device is lost or stolen. Without all three verification checkpoints confirmed, any login attempt will be denied.


Voice control also lends access to visually impaired consumers, allowing less interaction on screen and providing the benefit of virtually touchless technology. From arming their system to turning on the lights to unlocking doors on the drive home, ADT Pulse Voice provides intuitive technology for users to manage and control their smart home from the inside and out.


Existing ADT customers can download the ADT Pulse Voice App for free in the Apple App Store, as well as through Google Play, enabling key feature commands at the push of a button.

Call Choose Home Security today to learn more about this and other ADT Pulse features!




Burglars Increasingly Using Social Media to Aid in Break-ins

Published May 28th, 2014 | By

For many of us, social media updates are a part of daily life. From sharing our current location to uploading personal pictures of ourselves and loved ones, we’re more willing than ever to make the private public.


Yet revealing so much may be putting our homes—and our families—at risk.


According to one survey, reported by the home security experts at Friedland, 78% of burglars use social networking platforms like Twitter and Facebook to choose their victims. 


While the survey used a small sample size and does not declare to be scientific (Friedland simply talked to 50 burglars in the UK, all of whom had been recently imprisoned for burglary), its findings do offer a revolutionary perspective on how our social media usage is propping open the door for home intruders.


social networking

How Much Are You Saying?


Richard Taylor, one of the convicted burglars interviewed, said, “We’re living in the age of the digital criminal and people are taking advantage of social media to access information about would-be victims. We’ll tell them even when we’re going away on holidays. We will let them know that we’re not in. We’re inviting them round to our house.”


Less is More


Not only does over-sharing on social media play a role in the likelihood of a home being burglarized, it turns out 74% of the burglars surveyed utilized Google Street View as well.


Less is more is the takeaway. As a homeowner, your best bet is to remain quiet about your whereabouts. It takes only a couple minutes to break into a home, and only 10 minutes to complete a robbery; consider this the next time you consider posting about a quick trip to a local restaurant or coffee shop.


Whether you’re meeting friends for dinner or leaving on a two-week vacation, the rule should remain the same: wait until you’re back home to publish updates and photos. 


Take it from the Experts


The burglars, that is:


Almost 80% of the burglars surveyed said that an alarm system would have prevented them from breaking into their target homes.


At ADT Home Alarms, we know firsthand the benefits that come with installing a monitored home security system. Want to learn more? Give our seasoned customer service representatives a call. We’re available 24/7 to answer your questions, discuss your concerns, and explain our packages, advanced technology—including new ADT Pulse—and affordable pricing. 


Be Sensible!


Consider a round-the-clock home security system to be your first and most important layer of protection in the fight against burglary and break-ins. Everything else is just icing on the cake—more layers to protect your household, your loved ones, and your belongings.


Making a commitment this year to monitoring your social media posting would, for instance, be one very effective layer.



Is your home protected by a monitored security system? Call Choose Home Security to learn more about our ADT packages, pricing, and fast installation.




ADT Partnering with Life360 to Bring Families Even More Security Features

Published May 15th, 2014 | By

Recently, ADT, the leader in home security, has announced a partnership with Life360, a provider of location-based services and family networking technology. Together, the two companies will development innovative, co-branded mobile security apps providing enhanced safety and security features to families nationwide.

adt-life360Not an ADT customer? Click here to learn more about our packages, options, and advanced equipment.


ADT senior vice president and chief innovation officer Arthur Orduña called the partnership “a perfect pairing,” and emphasized the two companies’ shared vision for providing peace of mind to families, anytime, anywhere.


While ADT is looking to expand its security offerings to families outside the home, Life360 is looking to deepen its reach back into the (smart) home. Life360 already offers such features as family-wide geofencing, roadside assistance, and 24/7 access to a “live advisor” capable of talking family members through a crisis or contacting the authorities on their behalf. With ADT‘s live monitoring network and its remote control over home security systems, the two companies will expand their offerings even further in the coming months.


Life360 already has its own dedicated channel on IFTTT, the popular web automation service. This means the program is capable of syncing up with a wide range of online services as well as smart home gadgets ranging from Belkin WeMo Switches to Philips Hue LEDs.


For ADT customers, this exciting move comes on the heels of last year’s partnerships with McAfee and Ford. To stay updated on the latest announcements from ADT, continue checking back in with ADT News.


Not a customer but interested in learning more about the benefits of an ADT monitored home security system for your family? Call today to speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives.




Lessen Allergy Symptoms with Spring Cleaning

Published May 1st, 2014 | By

According to recent reports, the extended winter many of us have experienced in the past month might be affecting our allergy sufferer allergies more negatively than usual.


For homeowners around the country, this can mean excessive sneezing, coughing, headaches, watery eyes, aching, and more; symptoms so bothersome or painful at times they can keep us out of work and school.


Effective spring cleanings multifaceted in its benefits: It streamlines and organizes your home; clears clutter and therefore improves safety; and, when done right, can stave off allergy symptoms by keeping pollen, mold, and dust mites in check. For asthma and allergy sufferers, this is a lifesaver.



Choose Home Security wants you and your family to enter into spring safe, healthy, and sneeze-less. Here are our top 5 tips for effective allergy-reducing spring cleaning:


1. Thoroughly clean your home

This should be the first step in your spring cleaning process. “Thoroughly cleaning your home can help eliminate allergens and keep new ones from easily entering,” Dr. James Sublett, president-elect of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), stated in a recent news release.


2. Regularly change your air filters.

A habit to stay on top of year round. Change your air filters every three months, and use filters with a MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating of 11 or 12. Always vacuum your home regularly to remove dust mites, and use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, or a cyclonic vacuum.


3. Control moisture to reduce mold.

Your bathroom is where moisture is most common. Always use bathroom fans regularly and clean up any standing water immediately. To eliminate present mold, use detergent and water to scrub from surfaces, then dry completely. Keeping home humidity below 60% helps, too. Humidifiers you may have been using during the winter can be stored now that warmer, wetter weather is arriving.


4. Get a handle on pet allergens. 

After winter, homes are likely to be covered in excess dog fur, saliva, and dander. Homeowners can reduce these allergens by vacuuming regularly, washing upholstery and blankets, and washing pet beds, too. If possible, try not to let your pet on or near your bed.


5. Throwing open the windows isn’t always the right choice.

In spring, we’re all tempted to toss open windows to let in fresh air—but doing so can lead to an influx of pollen particles inside your home. Multiple open windows, especially on varying levels, can be a safety hazard, too. If you’re a severe allergy sufferer, think twice before undoing your locks. At the very least, avoid opening windows on very windy or foggy days and especially at midday.



Want to manage your home’s security system and track local weather reports on one convenient portal?

ADT Pulse gives you complete mobile access to your home security systemmeaningyou can manage surveillance camera footage, sensors, locks, and more with the click of a button, anytime, anywhere. ADT Pulses convenient weather app gets you up to speed on local weather fast, too.


That’s because Choose Home Security knows home protections means protection from all kinds of elements.


To learn more about how our ADT monitored home security packages can add to your home’s health and wellbeing, contact us today at 1-888-712-8785!


General: For all offers, the form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account, satisfactory credit history is required and termination fee applies. Certain packages require approved landline phone. Local permit fees may be required. Certain restrictions may apply. Additional monitoring fees required for some services. For example, Burglary, Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Emergency Alert monitoring requires purchase and/or activation of an ADT security system with monitored Burglary, Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Emergency Alert devices and are an additional charge. Additional equipment may be purchased for an additional charge. Additional charges may apply in areas that require guard response service for municipal alarm verification. Prices subject to change. Prices may vary by market. Some insurance companies offer discounts on Homeowner’s Insurance. Please consult your insurance company. Photos are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect the exact product/service actually provided.

*$99.00 Customer Installation Charge. 36-Month Monitoring Agreement required at $27.99* per month ($1,007.64). 24-Month Monitoring Agreement required at $27.99* per month ($671.76) for California. Form of payment must be by credit card or electronic charge to your checking or savings account. Offer applies to homeowners only. Local permit fees may be required. Satisfactory credit history required. Certain restrictions may apply. Offer valid for new ADT Authorized Dealer customers only and not on purchases from ADT LLC. Other rate plans available. Cannot be combined with any other offer. The $27.99* Offer does not include Quality Service Plan (QSP). Quality Service Plan (QSP) is ADT’s Extended Limited Warranty

**ADT 6-Month Money Back Guarantee: Money back service guarantee only applies after ADT has made attempts to resolve a system related issue and has not been able to resolve that issue within the first 6 months of your contract. Equipment must be fully removed before a refund will be processed. Conditions preventing normal system operation cannot be caused by the customer.

All plans include standard, manually-operated fire panic button on system panel, which must be depressed to alert ADT of smoke or fire. For automatic notification to ADT of smoke, fire or carbon monoxide, a smoke communicator and/or carbon monoxide communicator must be purchased separately. Not available in all states.

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‡‡ADT Theft Protection Guarantee: The Customer presenting ADT with this ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE will be eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to five hundred dollars ($500) of Customer’s homeowner’s insurance deductible (if any) if, and only if, ALL of the following requirements are met to ADT’s reasonable satisfaction: (i) the property loss was the result of a burglary that took place while the security system installed at Customer’s protected premises was in good working order and was “on,” and while all of Customer’s doors and windows were locked; and (ii) the intruder entered the residence through a door, window or other area equipped with an ADT detection device, and such detection device was not “bypassed”; and (iii) Customer is not in any way in default under the ADT Residential Systems Customer’s Order; and (iv) Customer files a written claim with their homeowner’s insurance company, and such claim is not rejected or otherwise contested by the insurer; and (v) Customer reports the burglary loss to the appropriate police department and obtains a written police report; and (vi) Customer provides ADT with copies of the insurance claim report, the police report within sixty (60) days of the property loss and proof of settlement by insurance carrier; and (vii) Customer certifies in writing to ADT (by signing this ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE and presenting it to ADT within sixty [60] days of the property loss) that all of the foregoing requirements have been satisfied. Customer understands that presentation of this ORIGINAL CERTIFICATE signed by Customer is required and understands that ADT reserves the right to reject any application for reimbursement that does not comply with ALL of the requirements. Photocopies or other reproductions of this Certificate will NOT be accepted. By signing below, Customer certifies to ADT that all of the foregoing requirements have been satisfied. Please mail to: ADT Security Services, Account Management Support Center, Attn: Theft Protection Guarantee Claims, 14200 E. Exposition Avenue, Aurora, CO 80012.

^Same day installation not available in all areas.

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