ADT Basic Wireless


The ADT Basic Wireless Package provides home security protection without the need of a landline connection. Instead, it operates using cell towers. Let’s face it: landlines are becoming an increasingly dated technology. Today, many households are shifting away from landlines—using just their cellphone for their phone communication needs. If this sounds like you, the Basic Wireless Package is the perfect solution to protection your home.

How it works: The Basic Wireless Package uses SafeWatch® CellGuard® technology to wirelessly connect ADT monitoring systems to our monitoring centers. That’s right—there’s no need for a landline. It all operates using secure cell tower communication.

CellGuard-powered security systems also are less invasive in the installation process. Since it doesn’t operate through a landline, there’s no need for our professional installers to drill extra holes or add extra wires. It’s a painless, highly efficient ADT monitoring option!

All of the ADT features. Simplified.

Why go with Basic Wireless? It is the ideal package for customers who have no landline in their home, and also perfect for those who want a less intrusive-appearing security system. With the features that come with the Basic Wireless Package, your security system will be out of the way, but will act as fast as it needs to when emergency strikes.

As you would get with the other ADT packages, Basic Wireless comes with 24-hour monitoring, three entryway points, and all of all basic features. The main difference behind Basic Wireless is the reliance on CellGuard; technology.

Basic Wireless contains all of the same features as the Basic Package, but is powered through cellular service instead of a landline. The result is a more reliable security system that is less likely to falter out.

What makes CellGuard more reliable?

If you have a landline-based security system, there is a chance that your landline gets cut either due to weather or at the attempts of a burglar. When your landline goes out, so does your security system. With a CellGuard-powered security system, there are no wires to cut. As a result, you have a more reliable security system that is likely to last over a landline.