ADT Basic Package


The ADT Basic Package is the first offering in a lineup of several home monitoring package options. But don't let the name fool you; this package provides exceptional 24/7 home monitoring protection.

Just moving in to your new home? Thinking about making your home safer for your family? Get introduced to the security and reliability that ADT monitoring provides with the ADT Basic Package. The ADT Basic Package will give you all of the essentials behind what makes ADT monitoring such a valuable asset for so many families.

Features Included with the Basic Package:

Three Entryway Detection Points

Using infrared technology, these detection points are the “gates” of your home security system. When you system is armed, any suspicious intrusions in your home will be picked up by ADT monitoring.

Pet-Sensitive Detection

Never worry about your pets setting off any unnecessary and inconvenient false alarms. ADT's pet-sensitive monitoring can distinguish between humans and animals up to 95 pounds.

24-hour Battery Backup

If you power happens to go out, it doesn’t mean that your security system will. With a 24-hour battery, ADT will still be able to monitor the safety of your home.

ADT Signs and Decals

As simple as they are, the ADT yard sign and window decals play a big role in deterring burglars from considering breaking into your home. Let it be seen that your home is under ADT monitoring.

24-hour monitoring for everything that matters to you

Through the Basic Package, and all ADT packages, the most important feature that comes with your home security system is the non-stop monitoring that ADT professionals provide. Danger can strike at any time, and you know that you want a security system that is constantly delivering the protection that you expect.

Get started with the most trusted name in home security, and get set up with the ADT Basic Package today. Don’t wait until it is too late – get the protection that you deserve.

ADT Yard Sign