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Is your Home or Business Safe from Potential Loss?


Nothing is more comforting than knowing that your home or business is being well- maintained. We all expect to keep up with the normal wear and tear of everyday living, but is your property prepared for the unimaginable…say, a break-in?


According to a 2009 crime report by the FBI, about 9,320,971 property crime incidents occurred within the U.S.; this meant that for every 100,000 people, about 3,036 individuals were victimized.


Putting a price tag to that kind of loss is truly eye-opening: a staggering estimate of $15.2 billion was lost in property theft. With the proper precautions, many of these could have been avoided.


The good news is that these numbers are slowly going down each year— but not enough.


A 2010, report revealed that 564,161 burglaries happened at non-residential locations (including various business and offices throughout the country). Home burglaries accounted for an additional 161,595,717 reported incidents.


Can your bank account or your property afford that kind of loss?


Regardless of whether you own either a commercial or residential property, you have to consider the monetary value you have invested at that location. Not only can physical items be taken, but the property itself can be damaged. That means that any property updates— from appliance upgrades, recent bathroom remodeling, or other major renovations can be ruined.


A thief won’t take off their shoes and mind their p’s and q’s— anything and everything is fair game.


During this type of a situation, a home or commercial burglary is never completely about the physical damage— it is an emotional and scaring life event.


It is time to take the proper steps to secure your property. Start by following some basic safety methods that will keep you and others safe from harm.


When the risks are too great, it’s smart to take the right preventative measures. ADT will have you covered.

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